About us

Myalternates is India's No. 1 Platform for Alternate Investments, powered by PMS Bazaar. It exclusively focusses on alternative investments that over the long-term drive better risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Myalternates gives a 21st century digital twist to traditional wealth advisory, investment advisory and equity market specializations for High Networth Individuals to stay ahead of the curve.

At the core of our DNA is close alignment with investor outcomes, which leads to transparent pricing, long-term relationships and impeccable service standards personalized to the ever-changing needs of individuals/families.

Our Management Team

Hameed Rahman

Hameed Rahman

Founder - Director

Hameed Rahman brings in 16 years of marketing experience in Capital Markets, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate. He has spearheaded several senior roles in various reputed financial institutions and previously served as Regional Head of South India for Motilal Oswal. His strong investor centric approach and market acumen has made him develop successful marketing strategies for Myalternates which has given a decisive direction to the brand.

Rajesh Kumar

D. Rajesh Kumar

Founder - Director

D.Rajesh Kumar carries 11 years of experience in financial markets. His core values on client relationship management with investor centric has made him venture with Myalternates. With a solid background in banking Rajesh diversified to the financial markets and has found his calling here. He has been pivotal part of the sales team at Motilal Oswal and has joined with Hameed to start the revolutionary initiative, Myalternates.


K. S. Ramachandran


K. S. Ramachandran has always shown immense interest in stock-broking and wealth management from an early age, despite studying mechanical engineering. Seeing a demand for quality investment solutions, he ventured into stock-markets and became a Madras Stock Exchange sub-broker in 1991. Following this, in 2001, he became a Motilal Oswal franchise-owner and became the No. 1 franchise in South India, with over 12,000 clients in 2005. Having more than 20 years of experience in the wealth management space, he understands the financial sector and is keen on providing personalized investment solutions to clients. It was, in fact, this drive of his that made him a Director at Myalternates.